Thursday, November 16, 2006

OK, I Promised...But I'd Like Your Thoughts....

I know I promised that The Benin Epilogue Part I would stick to business in Africa...and that is just what I intend to do. So as much as possible I will try to refrain from any tone of politics on this post.

I say that because this post is about the China-Africa Summit 2006, this has been a much publicized event. As one surveys the blogs covering the growing trade relationship between these two regions, one notices that people are really worked up about it. From what I have been reading people want to know how this Summit will affect policies in African nations; as well as China and people also want to know who stands to gain more-Africa or China. Outside of these larger picture social and poltical dynamics, I havent heard much about how you feel Africa's various business commuinties will be affected by a more visible Chinese presence.

What are your thoughts:

  1. What types of African entrepreneurs will this benefit?
  2. Which homegrown African industries will be affected?
  3. Do you see this spilling over into larger employment by African firms?
  4. Or will there be any increase in demand for finished African products?
  5. Will this result in a "sellers market" for African entrepreneurs, given that there will be more buyers? If so, will this translate into a more equitable economic environment for African businesses?

I appreciate your comments and look forward to hearing from you! Of course, I love your comments. But, if you can't comment at this particular time- but would like to let us know that you were here; please sign and View my guestbook

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