Monday, January 01, 2007

Todays Profiles in Entrepreneurship: James Makawa

For the last entrepreneur profile of 2006, we will look at the life of someone whose most recent work impacts my life on a daily basis. In fact, this gentleman together with a small group colleagues has given America a wonderful gift.

The gift that I am referring to is that of another view of Africa, from the urban perspective and also from an insiders point of view. This means that Americans may now get to know the people of Africa on an individual person-by-person basis. Are you wondering just what exactly this gift might be? I am sure there must be a few of you who already may know. But without delaying much further James Makawa is the co-founder of The Africa Channel.

Mr. Makawa's achievements are many. So many, in fact, that if we were to go into each one of them, this post would be nearly never-ending. To avoid this, I am trying something different. If you would like to view my makeshift time line summarizing some of his accomplishments you may click here.

I hope that 2006 has been good to you; it is also my sincere hope that you have enjoyed everything brought to you by The Benin Epilogue in 2006. Happy New Year and let's see you again very soon!

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James said...

I like the profiles, I do the same, as black people it is important we share the stories of people who look like us.We need to know greatness is possible for us.

Joshua Wanyama said...

I have been following the African Channel web site for a while. One of my clients wanted a solution based off it. I think the group that gave us this channel have done a good job. Unfortunately, I live in Minneapolis where they don't broadcast but basing my views off their web site, they have to be a classy company.

Benin "Mwangi" said...

James, thanks you made a profound point- Greatness is possible! Reminds me of a song I once heard from Nas "I know I can"(I think thats the name).

From the sounds of it you are spreading inspiration as well.t There are many more stories to tell and so many who would like to hear them, so by all means please keep it up. Please come back again.

Joshua, you are in Minneapolis? There are huge African populations there, especially from East Africa. In fact they are larger than the African-American population there, so I was surprised to hear that the Africa Channel isnt there. My assumption is that Comcast and Direct TV must not be there.

I have heard that there are some small satellite companies that cater to Africans in the diaspora, right there where you are. They offer local content from Africa, often in local languages. So, the major difference is that the Africa channel covers all of Africa-in English and has such a wide array of programming. It is by far my favorite and most watched station on TV.

At any rate, glad you were able to make it onto The Benin Epilogue. Please don't be a stranger.


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