Sunday, January 14, 2007

Business News from Botswana

This, I thought, was an interesting story about a business person in Botswana whose company offers an innovative answer to old furniture and upolstry eyesores.

"...Raptec Investments specialises in the manufacture and renovation of furniture and vehicle interiors. Kgotla Rapitsenyane, the company's managing director identified a need in Palapye for upholstery services. 'We repair car seats, repair car floor carpets, car roofing according to clients' requests. We can match colours to make an impressive interior d├ęcor. My company also repairs car door panels,' Rapitsenyane said. Old home and office furniture is also given a new lease of life at Raptec Investments. The company manufactures couches, with some made out of cane from Zimbabwe. However, Rapitsenyane says the leather couches have proved to be popular with the Palapye community.

Beanbags, which he says are also a favourite with the community, are designed according to clients' requests.

'We also make leather handbags, polish leather jackets and leather sofas and restore their colours,' he said.

At the company's workshop, situated at Palapye's old mall, they also manufacture television stands and chest of drawers using cane. He says that they make almost any furniture, from reception office furniture to home furniture..."

Source: AllAfrica

The company refurbishes old furniture and upolstry, they also offer new light-manufactured furniture items, as well. If this business concept was transplanted, if you will, to other parts of Africa whether the local economies are strong or weaker, this would probably be a success therealso. I say this because this is just the type of creativity (local solutions for local demands or local demand for local solutions) that I observed in both Kenya and Ghana; it is part of the reason that my level of optimism for African business is so high.



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