Friday, February 23, 2007

New Beginnings!

To everyone who has been regularly visiting The Benin Epilogue, you probably can vouch for me that promoting positive dialogue about Africa's entrepreneurship has been a driving passion for me. Well, I would like to once again thank you for your support. As a result of the dialogue that you and I have had over the past several months, some very exciting developments have come about:

  • I have been asked to do a review of African business blogs on Global Voices
  • Guest contributor for the Kenya Empowerment News (an offline publication catering to the Kenyan Diaspora in America)

Additionally, one more thing is that our dialogue has actually helped spur me to create the Africa Abroad Entrepreneur Exchange. I am very excited about this and a few of you have already heard from me about it...But now it's official!

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kofi annan said...

Congrats on the developments. I'm always glad to see fellow African entrepreneurs making progress. Love the blog too.

Mshairi said...

Congratulations, Mwangi! Very exciting developments indeed

imnakoya said...

Excellent opportunity for you my friend!

Hoseah said...

Big Ups my brother. You continue to outdo yourself. I like the way you are not stagnant, you constantly keep your readers engaged and interested. Keep up the good work

Benin "Mwangi" said...

Kofi Annan:

Thanks for the very kind words. Your blog, the Annansi Chronicles, is really captivating too. You are so right, it is so wonderful seeing Africa's entrepreneurs do so much. I am glad that you like the blog, so does that mean that we may look forward to reading your comments on a weekly basis, then? Just kidding, but really, I would love to see you stopping by again and again.. :)


Your poetry is so natural and moving. You know, there is a side to my personality that I never really fully cultivated, yet it appreciates the artistic beauty and ironies of life. In fact, it does me pleasure reading your words.

It was a really pleasant surprise--seeing your comments here. Thank you very, very much!


Long time, my good friend...I think these pages have really missed your presence lately...but you know what...I understand, because right now you are doing something so ambitious. I can imagine that every waking moment must be so critical for you at this stage. So, stay the course and don't lose sight. It's gone to work out the way that it's supposed to do. Thanks for stopping by, you know that you are always welcome!


Thanks, I really appreciate that. You're doing the same thing. When you touch down-in Kenya please bring my regards with you...The step that you have chosen to take and the way that you are handling your resources is so mature and so advanced...Your story will soon motivate many people, keep up the good work. Soon you'll be living the American dream-in Kenya!


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