Thursday, March 29, 2007

Commendation for Great Work!

Often times, we don't think of attorneys as business people or entrepreneurs. However, many of them are exceptional business people and provide an invaluable service.

Such is the case with Mr. William Tiku from the Law Offices of Tiku & Associates. He has done wonderful work for me. He is originally from Cameroon, West Africa and specializes in immigration law. Many of his clients are from various parts of Africa, from Central and South America, as well as America.

Unfortunately, he does not have a website (hint, hint). But I still recommend him anyday, anytime, or to anyone in need of legal help because of the way that he handled my own case. His email address is tiku-at-tikuassociates-dot-fdn-dot-com. The number to his law practice is 770-272-9470. He is based in Atlanta, GA but my understanding is that he helps clients all over the country. In addition to immigration law, he is well versed with criminal law, and credit law.

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