Friday, March 23, 2007

Dutch African Fair

From Holland...

Dutch African Fair: "...Recent international financial reports (World Bank, African Development Bank, EU, etc.) are showing that the growth rate of African businesses is impressive. Large-scale import/export and venture capital companies are enjoying high returns on direct foreign investments and African people get the benefit of new employment. China business relations with Africa jumped to 14% in 2005 at 13 billion US Dollars. The African continent with a total population of over 800 million people living in 53 countries offers a great opportunity for business, energy gas in Sudan, Nigeria, Angola, among others.

CHUDI INTERNATIONAL ADVICE, took the initiative to organize the first Dutch African Enterprise FAIR in 2006, with the purpose of offering entrepreneurs from Africa and the Netherlands a space to gather for business-to-business investment, matchmaking and networking event. The FAIR will be followup with new FAIR in 2007 to 2010 in the Netherlands and African countries. Businesses from Netherlands, Belgium, Britain and other countries will be invited, as well as African diaspora enterprises..."

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House of Virtue said...

Hey Benin,
Great blog u have here, we just stumbled on it & we love the focus on African affairs, especially in terms of business opportunities...u know what? we really do believe in a great rebirth of African Nations coming soon, as we Africans continue to rise up to appreciate d many blessings & opportunities in us & amongst us....and begin to take responsibility for harnessing them, the future is very bright indeed. God bless you!


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