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Is There A Dedicated Business Media in Africa?

Both Sijui and Imnakoya have brought up some great points regarding business media in Africa. To that end, this post is inspired by their comments. This is one of the many things that I love about blogging-the "give and take" aspect of it along with the "living and breathing" personality that this blog has taken on. Anyway, before I doze off into my slumber why not first delve into some of Africa's most prominent business media organizations?

One of the reasons that I hesitated at first to post specifically about Africa's dedicated business coverage is that a large portion of the organizations that specifically write about business in Africa are based outside of Africa. However, as it has happened many times before I have given this thought more consideration and thanks to the dialogue that you have had with me on this blog my views have adjusted. The country or continent of origin for these publications is overshadowed by the fact that there still is not enough coverage of Africa's business news. So, these business publications from other regions of the world who focus on business in Africa are fulfilling a need and helping to disseminate very good information. For that reason, I am including them in this post alongside the homegrown media outlets which focus on African business.

In no particular order we have the following to thank for helping to get Africa's business headlines out to each of the corners of Africa and to the rest of the world:

Africa Report is a weekly TV based business news magazine covering business news around Africa. The 185 million households viewing this magazine around the world make it the largest African business publication in existence-I watch it almost every morning on The Africa Channel. It is produced and reported by Africans in partnership with CNBC.

African Business it should almost be considered a prerequisite for foreign companies considering doing business in Africa. This publication is a trusted source of news for over 140,000 readers in and outside of Africa who need to know the in's and out's of doing business in Africa. This publication is based in London and the parent company also publishes a similar themed magazine for the Middle East region.

Business in Africa provides company profiles, research reports, news and business updates as well as conferences around the continent. This publication reads like it is geared towards someone considering investing in African companies or stock markets. This magazine is published in South Africa.

MBendi is an online publication which provides very detailed profiles on African businesses. They also post African trade leads.

The Africa Journal a quarterly publication which looks at arts, business, trade policy, and economics in Africa. It published by a Washington, D.C. based organization whose purpose is to help facilitate a commercial relationship between the U.S. and the nations of Africa-the Corporate Council on Africa.

Busiweek an East African business newspaper which covers the large east African region one can find business news on Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Ethiopia in this single publication.

Africa-Investor is a bi-monthly publication whose market includes Africa's domestic and international investors. This magazine is read by approximately 20,000 investors. This bi-monthly is published by a London-based corporate citizenship consultancy.

African Business Pages is an online business portal. Although its main function is that of an African business directory, it also publishes market reports, as well as a the Business Guide a "bridge publication" connecting African businesses to UAE businesses.

All Africa a multimedia online source of content based in Mauritius. They cover a variety of news topics in Africa. Since they have content agreements with 130 local African news organizations, they have a tremendous amount of information available to them. And even though they are not a dedicated business publication, they still have some rather difficult to find articles about business in Africa.

The African Executive
is a Kenyan based weekly opinion magazine which is aimed at promoting intra-African trade and introducing African business persons as role models for the younger generation.

Liquid Africa is a paid online publication, which actually started out, I believe as an online broker for African stock markets. Over time they evolved into a market information provider, acting as an information backbone to many of Africa's stock brokers and fund managers. This information and transaction platform operates from South Africa and founded by Cyrille Nkontchou in 2001.

Africa Week is published by the editors of its predecessor West Africa Magazine. The publishers of this magazine believe that African economists should work to emulate their Asian counterparts and this theme can be found in many of the articles of this publication-which is published in London, England.

Africa Travel Magazine
is a magazine that is the voice of the African Travel Association. It aims to shed misconceptions of Africa by showcasing little known facts and photos from Africa. It is a business magazine with stories written from a travel minister or consultants point of view.

independent magazine covering entrepreneurship and management in South Africa.
The Weekender a week-end newspaper published in South Africa and targeted to the country's high income earners, with a focus on local and international business news.

African Financial Markets
is a business research publication, publishing industry reports, stock market analysis on various stock markets in Africa, and detailed public company analysis.

There you have it, these are some of Africa's most noticeable business publications from around the world and within Africa. I think that you would find within some of these publications some of the most unbiased information as it pertains to business in Africa. Additionally, it is also interesting to note that this is one of the few areas which I have seen business leaders from Africa push the continent, as a whole, with success-as opposed to only the individual nations of Africa. I wonder if this might eventually spill over into other areas of business in Africa?

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Theo J. said...

Great post. I'm going to have to mention this in my blog. I started becoming interested in doing business in Africa after watching CNN's Inside Africa

How well does this show stack up to the ones mentioned in this post?

Keep up the good work.

coldtusker said...

Great list and resource!

Benin "Mwangi" said...

Theo J:

Thanks Partner! I am so happy to hear the comments that you said, especially coming from an American peer. I think that the list on CNN's Africa page was moreso geared towards African online media platforms. But they did mention a few that I mentioned too. I wish I would have read that CNN article prior to writing this post that you are responding too..Thank you so much though, for bringing it to my attention. Your podcast is "on point" Bro! So by all means, please feel free to write about it and I am still very much open to the idea of doing a podcast with you on why American business people should wake up to the new African business frontier...Thanks for stopping by!


Hi CT, I havent seen your comments hear for awhile. I am so glad you stopped by. Life is so funny sometimes because you commented while I was writing a post on Africa's business bloggers and your blog was included on the list, its only that I saved the post as a draft and left to go to church, that the times appear more spread apart. Its funny how sometimes folks think about eachother at the same time...I still read your blog from time to time and have to say your analysis is second to none...keep up the good work!

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