Sunday, April 08, 2007

Africa Bloggers & Beyond-Hat Tips

Ordinarily, when I write a post on The Benin Epilogue about blogs that I visit, the focus is on Africa bloggers. But there have been some posts, which have kept me going back again and again. So it seemed only fair that in addition to giving recognition to the Africa bloggers, that some of the other blogs that I enjoy, that happen to be from other parts of the world be mentioned here also.

Africa bloggers:

Recently, Africa business blogger Emmanuel Oluwatosin's ( Nigeria) writing has caught my eye. And it's not that he's new either, to my knowledge he has been blogging for nearly two years. His blog focuses on entrepreneurship with a "how to" bend to it. Check out this post where he explains to would be entrepreneurs on how to find a start up concept!

Another blogger from West Africa, but who blogs from Ghana has also caught my attention. His name is Oluniyi David Ajao. Although he blogs from Ghana, he is also from Nigeria. His name came across to me by way of a comment that he posted on one of my Global Voices posts. This post where he talks about the perceived risks associated with online purchases, I thought was pretty original.

Gavin Chait, a South African business blogger had a very interesting post which almost relates to David Ajao's post. His post talked about how the lack of a credit agency for online purchases raises the costs of doing business on the Internet.

Bankelele is a banker who blogs from Kenya. This post where Kenya's banks are ranked according to their assets is quite insightful. Looks like there is quite a bit of banking competition in Kenya. Take a look for yourself.

Imnakoya is another Africa blogger (also from Nigeria) whose blog I frequent very often. In this post he explains how RSS feeds work and how they can turn out to be a great marketing strategy for news publications, especially Nigerian newspapers...

Ugo and Chika Okafor of Spectrum Women are yet two more Africa bloggers from Nigeria who have a very wonderful blog. In this post Ugo Okafor talks about the upcoming arrival of BHF magazine onto the Nigerian fashion scene.

Bloggers from Beyond...

Oh, I found lots of enjoyment in a post that was recently featured on Wayne Hick's blog. It is about a book called African American History for Dummies. What was most enjoyable to me was where he shared an invitation to bloggers to share a part of their family tree in their comments for this post. By the way you should see Wayne's profile on linked in, it reads like a who's who of American enterprise and small govt.

Tish is a blogger, out of New York City, whose blog I am also a bit new to. But it already seems that it will feature heavily in my daily blog travels. In this post she is talking about something that came across as quite cute. It's about an older blogger maybe an auntie or a grandma from Singapore (I believe), who has been climbing the blog popularity charts like crazy recently- check it out!

And rounding out our list is Theo, who publishes a podcast blog. Side note: his podcast promo is really cool. But in this post, he talked about US college sports icon Eddie Robinson and the legacy that he leaves behind.

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Villager said...

Benin - Ashi

I was pleasantly surprised by your kind words. I'll tell you that it is very rough keeping up the posting habits necessary to have a decent blog. You do a remarkable job here on The Benin Epilogue. I hope that I can show the same consistency over time that you have done here.

Stay strong!

Emmanuel said...

Great work and thanks for the feature.

Tish said...

Thanks so much for the kind mention. And, also thank you for this wonderful blog. You have created such a great window onto the world, Africa, and the African blogosphere. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the links in your post. I feel sure that building digital bridges across the globe will bring peace and prosperity to the world.


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