Sunday, April 29, 2007

G. Kofi Annan on Advertisers Ignoring Africa. «

G. Kofi Annan on Advertisers Ignoring Africa. « "G. Kofi Annan on Advertisers Ignoring Africa.

Posted by beninmwangi on April 29th, 2007

A few minutes ago I came across a post on Kofi’s blog entitled, “African’s Aren’t Affluent Enough” this post challenged me personally to do more to help “update” public perceptions of Africa.

Here is an excerpt:

“…I was speaking to an acquaintance last week and she told me a story about trying to get advertisers for her magazine. She had contacted a large Africa-based corporation to see if they would be interested in taking up an ad in her publication. After getting the runaround, the ad agency, which was handling the ad placements for the corporation, told her, “We only place ads in publications with an affluent readership…”

I have to admit the first time I read this post, my initial reaction was anger at the company who chose to reject the magazine’s ad proposal. Incidentally, my gut feeling is that I may know the magazine that Kofi is talking about and if it is so, the magazine that Kofi mentions is very well put together.



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