Friday, April 13, 2007

Kenyan Entrepreneur Provides An Innovative Solution to Local Market Challenges

I am not very sure the details of who provided and managed the production of this media. But I found it very intriguing. It is difficult for me to imagine coming up with such a creative solution. Below are the questions that I had.

What do you think about Antony Mwaniki's very forward thinking concept? Can this be the change in the employment market that Kenya and other African nations are looking for? Will this lead to a new market based industry in Kenya? Those are the questions that I had while watching this video. What do you think?

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Hoseah said...

That is a brilliant idea. People are very innovative and if given the chance can make a huge difference in other people's lives. Thanks for posting this.

Gachinga Warima said...

Being an enterprenuer myself, I'm always inspired by how people concieve such amazing business ideas!! It's just unbelievable!

Goes to show, Kenya is right., and the market is there even back home, for us the younger generation to make it. We just need to think a little.

~ Gachinga warima, Kennesaw,GA


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