Tuesday, May 29, 2007

from beninmwangi.com: A Top Google Africa Site

Recently, I was scouring the web for more data on marketing African businesses to companies worldwide and I came across a most informative site. No wonder they are also #1 on Google for a number of topics centering on Africa.


We are talking about Africa-ATA otherwise known as the Africa Travel Association. Now in addition to this site housing the association website, they are also home to the organization’s media publication-Africa Travel.

Now I know what you may be thinking, that this site may not cater to those seeking business information about specific regions of the continent, but to the contrary-they have quite a bit of detailed information. For instance, read this magazine forward by one of the magazine’s editors Jerry Bird. It is about Ethiopia and the rise of one of Ethiopia’s many treasures-Ethiopian Airlines.

Of course, you can also find the type of information that you would expect on a tourism and travel site like:

  • hotels
  • airfare
  • cruises
  • safaris ( for eastern and southern Africa)
  • food
  • etc

But again, I can appreciate the other parts of their site like-investment promotion, fashion, African embassies, and other trade links too. Besides them being a storehouse of good information another thing that I like is that they have carefully balanced the information. They somehow manage to give readers a glimpse of all 53 countries in Africa, which is not an easy task. It looks like this month their focus is on Ethiopia.

In closing, I hope that you have a chance to visit their site and let me know what you thought about this top Google ranking Africa website.

photo courtesy of : Africa Travel Association


Villager said...

Excellent web resource. Thank you for sharing. Oddly enough, the other thing that I enjoyed about your post was the comment about "53 countries in Africa". You would be amazed how many Americans view Africa as a monolith without any acknowledgement of the different countries, governements and such.

And those that acknowledge the borders of the 53 countries rarely if ever acknowlege that the borders were primarily determined by colonizing nations without regard to cultures, villages, and such.

Of course, this is off-topic ... so I'll end by saying ... the ATA website is excellent (smile)!

peace, Villager

Benin "Mwangi" said...

Thanks Villager, also I hope that you don't mind me porting this comment over to the other site at beninmwangi.com and responding to your comment there.


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