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June 6, 2007 Conversations from

This sort of my attempt to keep this blog going and to see if we can give Africa Ready for Business an independent identity. Almost every week as a result of my work with there are numerous conversations that spring forth ( they normally pertain to business, entrepreneurship, and or Africa. The conversations may usually be found in the comments section of

This is a way of keeping the conversations going and showing my gratitude...

And these are this weeks participants:

Rich McIver

How To: Bootstrap It (27 Tips)

Hey You Entrepreneurs It Starts like this:

"...There are many different ways that you can start a business without burying
yourself under a mountain of debt, paying sky high interest rates on business
loans or handing over stake and ownership to venture capitalists or other
investors.You have to have money to make money.

Whether you are able to use money that you have saved in the past or you
need to rack up a temporary balance on your credit cards, there are plenty of
places to find money. You just need to figure out which method best suits the
needs of your business.

1. Personal Savings: This is the place to start when it comes to
bootstrapping a business. Dip into your personal account and fund your business
from money that you have saved. There may not be enough for this to be the sole
form of financing but, if there is enough, you won’t have to worry about any
debt or interest rates on loans.

2. Friends and Family: Ask your family and friends if they have any extra
money that they would like to invest. Agree on a payment plan, with interest,
and offer them future stake in the business if it turns out to be a

Africa Liz:


You've got to the pictures on Liz's site...

"...Mozambique is the world's 36th-largest country.

Mozambique's first inhabitants were San hunter and gatherers, ancestors of
the Khoi san peoples. Bantu-speaking peoples, who were predominantly iron
workers and farmers, began migrating into the area now known as Mozambique from the distant Niger Delta. Soon, scattered kingdoms began to arise, including
those of the Shona, which extended from present-day Zimbabwe into Mozambique,
and the legendary kingdom of Monomotapa, southwest of present-day Tete.
Meanwhile, from around the 8th century AD, sailors from Arabia began to arrive
along the coast.

Economic reform has been extensive. More than 1,200 state-owned enterprises (mostly small) have been privatized. Preparations for privatization and sector
liberalization are underway for the remaining parastatals, including
telecommunications, electricity, ports, and railroads. The government frequently
selects a strategic foreign investor when privatizing a parastatal.
Additionally, customs duties have been reduced, and customs management has been
streamlined and reformed. In 2006 Mozambique exported U.S. $2.43 billion worth
of goods and imported U.S. $2.82 billion worth of goods. Support programs
provided by foreign donors and private financing of foreign direct investment
mega-projects and their associated raw materials have largely compensated for
balance-of-payment shortfalls.

The nation's latest big investment project is a hi-tech $1.2bn ($660m) gas
plant, situated in the middle of bushland in the south of the country. The
project is owned and run by the South African energy company Sasol.The
government has privatised the port and boasts of its ability to attract big
foreign investors, such as Sosol and BHP Billington, which has built a $2bn
aluminium plant just across the bay. Mozambique has been classified as one of
the major destinations for investment in Africa.

The twin pillars of Mozambique's foreign policy are maintenance of good
relations with its neighbors and maintenance and expansion of ties to
development partners..."

Nico Liebenberg

Executive coaching enhances quality of life

From an executive coach:

"...Executive coaching is a common leadership development practice among
business leaders all over the world.

Coaching can be defined as “an ongoing relationship that helps clients
produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the
process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance
and enhance overall quality of life..."

So this concludes this edition. Hope to hear from you again!

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