Thursday, June 21, 2007

Press Release

From Frederic Tape:

Richmond Va,June 12, 2007- Enrique Pierre’s first collection is on display.

Enrique Pierre clothing collection has officially been made available to the customers a few days ago. The customer, that understands and appreciates apparel that cleverly combined simplicity with fashion flair,will certainly include this southern line to their list of most preferred lines.

The Richmond's company has now the chance to share its message of love,love and more love with its customers and passerbys that would see the T-shirt worn by early adopters of the fashion line. It would an understatement not to say that love is at the center of what Enrique Pierre Clothing is about. Love for our creation, our customers and the joy we may provide through the statements written on our products are what is guiding the company.

The following statement summarizes oh very well our philosophy:"The Lollipop in the middle of the name represents all women of the World. There’s nothing sweeter than a woman!!! When God created woman he created the backbone of society. Women endure so much in their lives and still maintain their strength and beauty. We have lots of respect for women and these designs are the many ways we just want to say, “Thank You.” Thank You for No Monkey Business (Keeping It real), Thank You for Listening 2 Your Heart, Thank You for Just Loving no matter what, Thank You for Seeing Clearly through cloudy conditions, Thank you for your Strength and Beauty, Thank you for staying sweet, Thank you for Keeping Your Heart Clean,

Thank You for Speaking a Language That The World Can Understand (Love). The foundation of Enrique Pierre is love; this is where our designs come from. This is what society says is weakness when it’s displayed. We say differently; love is what got us here and love is what’s going to keep us here. We love the fact that we are making quality clothing at affordable prices but we love even more the impact of our designs. When you purchase any item from Enrique Pierre you are making a statement to us, and to the world, for Change. Together we can flood the World with images that will impact lives everyday in a positive way. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for being a vital part of the movement. We can do more together than we can apart. Thank you for being a World changer. God Bless You All."

Visit the official site of the company at,to find out the different designs offered for the launch of this clothing company.

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