Friday, July 20, 2007

Zimbabwe needs other Africans' help

By Rejoice Ngwenya - Harare, Zimbabwe.
EITHER WE AFRICANS are blind, selfish and greedy or something worse is holding us back.No private radio or television station is allowed to operate in Zimbabwe, while it is almost impossible to register a private newspaper. Yet Robert Mugabe masquerades on the regional stage as the spokesperson for the beleaguered citizens of Zimbabwe. Today, South Africa's President Mbeki and his ilk treat Mugabe like a hero but Zimbabweans like dirt. South Africa goes on military "peacekeeping" forays to faraway Sudan and Burundi. Why does Mbeki not believe those countries can solve their own problems?
As a Zimbabwean I have seen my country turned from bread-basket into basket case and I can tell you that our educated and hard-working people are not fools but.................Read the rest of the post on

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Purple Avenger said...

Mugabe is a menace. I've loosely been following his "career" since the late 70's. He was bad news then, worse news now.

How to be rid of him is the question.

Food Trader said...
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branded said...

Food trader:
Funny you found an easy nice spot to do your advertising?
Anyway,I have removed you comment from this list, otherwise thanks for visiting.

Gerri said...

Zimbabwe does need help but other African countries dont seem to be doing much about it and keep quiet. It will all have an effect on them as well.
It saddens me to see my home land in the state that it is.


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