Thursday, September 13, 2007

Submit your articles for The 5th Carnival of African Enterprising to be hosted in the African Executive Magazine in October

The 5th Carnival of African Enterprising will be hosted by “Branded in his blog Business in Focus” and in the prestigious “African Executive Magazine”. This edition will also be featured in the annual Africa Resource Bank meeting where Branded will present all views expressed by The Carnival participants.

The Carnival Topic "Positioning Africa in the 21st Century" is sponsored by The “Africa Resource Bank Meeting” which will be held in Tanzania from the 11th to 14th November 2007.

(All interested bloggers who may wish to attend The “Africa Resource Bank Meeting” meeting in Tanzania are welcome to register “HERE”.

The objective of the Carnival theme is to Explore the reason behind the success of the West and Emerging Eastern Economies and how they can be applied in Africa.

All intrested Bloggers are requested to submit their content/Articles along any of the following topics or any other topic that you may find relevant to Africa in the 21st Century:

1. Effects of colonization on Africa's Economic Development
2. Who invented Africa and how can Africans gain from it?
3. The role of Aid and the future of Africa
4. Migration and the brain drain debate
5. Global warming and the future of trade in Africa.
6. Business and Entrepreneureship culture - Lessons from the East
7. Leveraging on China's thirst for raw materials to develop Africa
8. Economic Intergration in Africa
9. Tax harmonization in Africa
10. Alcohol policies in Africa
11. Reviewing the education system to meet the needs of Africa
12. Promoting the African Voice.

Submit your articles today.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am sure that this will be the biggest Carnival ever. Where can i get more information about the Africa Resource Bank because in as much as I will submit my content, I also want to be part of the Tanzania meeting to hear what other people have to say about Africa in the 21st Century?

branded said...

Hey anonymous,
You can get more information about the ARB by visting the links in the Post. You can also download an application form to apply. or click “HERE” to visit the organisors website


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