Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Mediocrity of African Leadership

The rising cost of food, Africa's energy deficiency and its projected failure to meet the Millennium Development Goals has forced a deeper conclusion that Africa has a serious leadership deficiency.
Only 4% of national budgets are currently spent on agriculture, and investment is hampered by precolonial land rights that still prevail in most of sub-Saharan Africa. Meanwhile the cost of fertilizer has risen even more dramatically than the cost of fuel, leaving farmers facing a triple whammy: oil- and food-price rises.. Read More

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Benin "Mwangi" said...

Sir Branded:

I hate to say it, really, but we are getting our hopes up for Zimbabwe. The international community is powerless against Mugabe almost for the same reason that the communities infested by illegal drug dealers are powerless against the drug barons. No one from Zimbabwe will openly oppose Mugabe.

South Africa has already asserted its position that Mugabe is infallible and even the opposition in Zimbabwe is probably not up to the task-because Mugabe has weakened it through both using the law and going outside of it.

The only group that could possibly have some muscle in Zim is the people themselves, though they would be risking their very lives if they ever tried to stand up to Zimbabwe.

It is, to me, without a doubt the largest tragedy on the continent.

Thanks for enlightening us with this piece.


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