Monday, July 21, 2008

Why Obama cartoon failed to tickle

A New Yorker cover illustration, showing Barack Obama dressed as a Muslim fist-bumping his gun-toting wife,[SEE CARTOON] fell a foul of the humour police Monday. To some, it was satire. To others, it was aid and comfort to the malice mongers who hide under the rocks of American politics. In the end, it was both.

Like a practical joke, satire can be hysterically funny without a shared catharsis, but that’s often a cruel form of humour. To be effective — if by effective one means a teachable moment, a transformative bump forward in self-awareness — the humour must be widely appreciated....READ MORE

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AlooFar said...

I really don't get the humour in that cartoon.

... you may want to read the Barack Obama Speech on Nigeria.

Details on my blog.

I'm loving it here ;)


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