Thursday, September 04, 2008

An Escalation of the War in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a Very Bad Policy.

The U.S. practices selective proliferation with India , and selective sovereignty with those it chooses (today Pakistan , tomorrow someone other than Pakistan ), while at the same time violating the sovereignty of other states- depending on its whim at the time. If he becomes the next US president (God Forbid), John McCain has vowed to stay put in Iraq to bring more misery to the Iraqis . On the other hand, the Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama has elaborated a pull out plan but says he will send more US soldiers into Afghanistan.

The extension of the war on terror by the U.S. is bad for a number of reasons: the perspective of the international Muslim community; the fact that a military solution has not worked thus far, so why keep kicking a dead horse ; the delicate balance of power in the immediate theatre and in the broader region; the likely negative reaction of other states; and last but not least, its potential impact on the price and availability of oil. Have you ever thought What would happen should the US find itself at war with the entire world...READ MORE



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