Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Upcoming 2nd Kenyan Diaspora International Conference & Investment Forum!

Recently, I had an opportunity ( through the Cheetah Index and Pamoja Media) to sit with Dr. Adebayo of Kennesaw State University to discuss their role in the upcoming 2nd Kenyan Diaspora International Conference & Investment Forum. At the time that we did this interview, Dr. Adebayo was the Executive Director of Kennesaw State University's Institute for Global Initiatives.

Here is a short excerpt of the interview:

"...In nutshell the institute helps KSU and surrounding community become more aware of whats happening around the world.

Benin: Very true, Atlanta has been the international city of the South. One of the interesting things about Kennesaw State University is that although it is situated in Kennesaw, Ga; which is a suburb of Metro Atlanta it is not in actually located within the city limits of Atlanta. So my question is how was KSU able to do what it did, in terms of becoming an international city, outside of inner city limits of Atlanta?

Adebayo: You hit the nail on the head about location. In Business School we hear the adage that talks about location being a key element in marketing. Such is the case with KSU. The location is good because Kennesaw is a suburb of Atlanta, but also because it is within a short distance to the interstate, so you can get there very easily..."

I hope that you will kindly take a moment to step over to Cheetah Index to check out the interview with with Dr. Adebayo. And more importantly my hope is that you will enjoy the interview and that we will see you at the conference! By the way, I will be one of the speakers at the event and that is all the more reason for me to be excited!

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