Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Paradigm Shift in African Business?

"A Paradigm Shift in African Business?" is about major changes, of recent, that have radically changed the way that business is done in Africa. These can be technological changes, cultural changes, changes revolving around national relationships, policy changes, natural resource related issues, or any other change that has vastly affected the business landscape-across the continent.

My vision for this ongoing post is to make it a very interactive dialogue. What I am trying to say here is please post your "nominations" here-which changes of recent do you think have changed the way that business is done in Africa and why?

I will be the first volunteer-Cellphones. Cellphones have revolutionized the way that business is done in Africa. The cellphone has quickened the pace of business across Africa and become the missing link in intra-continental communication. Local cellphone companies in Africa were able to do this over a relatively short period of time-something that landline and fiber optic
service providers in Africa are still yet to do on such a large scale.

*Affordable communication betweeen neighboring countries
*Fleet management
*Stock market updates
*Banking for rural and underserved communities

Those are just a few of the activities that have become more efficient with the widespread usage of cellphones in Africa. What do you think? Remember to post your comments here and feel free to sign the guest book at the bottom of this page.

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Charles Deline said...

Hey Benin, thanks for this medium.
I believed what is helping the economy in most African countries is the gradual retreat from the state-led model to the private-sector-led model. Most countries in the Sub Saharan region have been gradually moving away from the government control of the economy and encouraging private initiatives. The economic vision after independence for most African countries focused on state-run-oriented economic system. This was basically done out of the need to control the populace. But today, most countries are taking the bold steps toward a market-oriented, private-sector-let economy. I think this is one of the mayor factors that are changing the economic dynamics in Africa.

Benin "Mwangi" said...

Hi Charles, I really appreciate your participation in this discussion. Thats a great observation. In fact as we speak there are several African countries which are shedding government owned businesses. The one that most quickly comes to my mind is KenGen in Kenya.
Thanks, again for dropping in and commenting...we definitely should
do this again!


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