Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ideas for Doing Business in Africa- 2nd Installment

Here are a few of the business start up ideas that I have been able to bring forth...

  1. Food Processing (Canning, Bottler, Preserves, and etc.)
  2. Private Security & Detective Agency
  3. Forensic Accountancy
  4. Software security company
  5. Cyber cafe Technician
  6. Agriculture exporter (fair trade)
  7. Eco-tourism Consultancy
  8. Used Auto parts
  9. Building Contractor (roads, infrastructure, etc.)
  10. Public Relations Agency
  11. Natural Fuel Manufacturer
  12. Business Process Outsourcing (Call center, legal, architecture, accounting, software)
  13. Plastics Recycler
  14. Home Builder (for the affordable markets)
  15. Pharmaceuticals manufacturer
  16. Fisheries & Shrimperies(coastal and/or island nations)
  17. Paper manufacturer
  18. Online Publisher (magazines, journals, newspaper, etc.)
  19. Apartment Leasing
  20. Commercial Finance company
  21. Credit Rating Agency
What do you think? Maybe we can discuss merits of these businesses in the next installment...

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Jürgen Nagler said...

Hi Benin, I love your blog and your pragmatic way to bring bring some business ideas up to the front. My challenge is that Africa is so diverse that the list could be expanded into the thousands... I think we should make it more specific, e.g. country or sector specific.

I would even prefer a double- or triple bottom line approach: What business would make a profit and alleviate poverty at the same time? And/or save the environment? Up for a challenge? :) Because of this I have started www.business4good.org where I try to explore these crossroads... For example I am exploring the idea of building a school in Mali, the school fees paid by some richer parents will make the school a financial sustainable social business enterprise. At the same time education is key in poverty alleviation and development. Any thoughts?

Benin "Mwangi" said...


I like that concept, and have to say that I am not closed to it. Really this blog is still in its infancy stages and as time goes on and I get to know more about what my readers want and need, then we can make more and more adjustments.

Even right now, though if there was someone who wanted to come on as a contributing blogger focusing on a multiple approach-bottom line profitability and social benefits combined, I'd be very welcoming....cant wait to check out your brainchild...business4good...

Well, thank you so much for visiting and you can contact me at beninmwangi at gmail.com if you'd like to continue this discussion as much as I would...

Jürgen Nagler said...


I came across this older posting and wanted to see if there is any flow in the pipeline for an update?

What about responsible tourism? We, the Mali Project, are thinking of starting this ti generate income, connect people from different parts of the world in a way to achieve social/economical development goals.

Best Juergen


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