Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In the Know: West African Media Outlets

Yesterday we looked at some of the media outlets that have been making waves in East Africa. Today we shall look at a few in West Africa. What follows are a just a few of them, and please remember this list is not meant to be all inclusive, its just a few of them that I have seen or heard about in my travels (both on and off the web).

West Africa

    • Financial Standard authoritative online digest of business and economic issues affecting Nigeria.
    • Voice of Naija on weather, sports, and news around Nigeria. Began as an external service of the Nigeria Broadcast Corporation in 1961.
    • The Sun a paper of human voices, capturing the unpredictable and unexpected rhythms of life and existence, the daily heartbeat of humanity in lucid and crisp prose.
  • Cameroon
    • CRTV Post Watch a prominent blog magazine in Cameroon focusing primarily upon politics in Cameroon.
    • CRTV daily news updates online, radio, TV. Topics focus on international issues, economy, and state of affairs in Cameroon.
  • Ghana
    • Joy FM by the Multimedia Broadcasting Corporation, offers readers with a comprehensive online source for up-to-the-minute news, information and entertainment content.
    • Ghana Review International reliable source of information for Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians alike. This magazine will be of interest to any person with an interest in Ghana, Ghanaians and Africans, wherever in the world they live.
    • Peace FM
  • Senegal
    • APA a Pan-African news agency featuring both French and English. Covers topics such as politics, religion, business, and sports in Africa.
Next up, we may find ourselves taking a cue from one of our very good friends-Sijui and asking ourselves whether media in Africa should serve any aims beyond profitability, such as advocacy media. So stay tuned....

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imnakoya said...

If you could identify the online hubs for the several nations that in each region , you would a list of media houses that have online presence. Fr example for Nigeria visit, or Nigeriavillagesquare, in these domains are list of media houses in Nigeria. The question then is how to seperate the "good" from the "bad" if you know what I mean. Good luck!


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