Tuesday, March 13, 2007

East Africa Media Outlets

As promised we are bringing you a snapshot of who's who in African media circles. We are going to start with some companies first and then if time permits we shall highlight a few of the personalities behind these outfits. I did not know that there were so many different outfits in sub-Saharan Africa, the fact that there are so many means that I will not be able to list them here. So instead, we are going to go by region. In this post we are going to start with the East African region.

  • Kenya
    • Kiss FM (radio) is Kenya’s most listened to radio station. KISS is a new hits format station, playing the latest International Urban and Kenyan hits 24 hours a day.
    • The Nation a news conglomerate featuring newspapers, radio, TV, online mediums. Brands include business, Uganda, Kenya, and a Sunday publication
    • KTN (TV) the leading TV station in Kenya. It was established in 1989 as the first privately owned TV station in Kenya. KTN offers highly objective, credible, authoritative news coverage as well as world class local and international programmes.
    • East African Standard offers news on local, regional, international, politics, business, and more. It is the leading oldest newspaper in Kenya started in 1902.
  • Uganda
    • Ugpulse.com a news, travel, and entertainment portal spanning Uganda.
    • Weekly Observer breaking great stories for the dailies to follow up and championing analytical, factual and balanced reporting.
  • Tanzania
    • IPP Media Tanzanian news via radio, TV, and newspapers in English and Swahili.
    • The Arusha Times weekly newspaper from Arusha, Tanzania covering the latest in local news-from society to business.
Just to summarize it, this industry is relevant to the East African region in the amount of opportunities that it creates, in serving as an advertising medium, and even at helping to shape reform policies throughout the East African region. Again, these are but a few of the media outlets in East Africa, for the most part these media companies are large enough that I have heard about them, but there are many more that are not listed here. In fact, feel free to let me know if there were any that you would have liked to see listed here.

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Sijui said...

Sorry but I am not yet ready to give 'African media' the pat on the back. In many instances, they continue to be part of the problem.......they still concentrate on getting their bread and butter from petty political sideshows and gossip. Yes, improvements are being made and you are starting to see serious business publications that provide cutting edge and up to date insights on the private sector landscape of the continent (Business in Africa etc) however they are still in the minority. Also the level of competence and professionalism exhibited by the 'dedicated business journalists' is still rather low. Most African media is still on the 'pro-democracy bandwagon' and the associated swirling political currents...they have not moved on to the results of democracy i.e. a flourishing private sector.

Benin "Mwangi" said...

Sijui, thats a very valid point of view, perhaps on of my next post shall address this idea of enterprise vs socio-political relevance in African media...

I appreciate your points very much!

SolShine7 said...

This was a very informative post. Thanks for all the links.

Benin "Mwangi" said...


Thanks for the very kind words. You are welcome. Also, please feel free to come on back again..I visited your blog too and rally like the international flavor you've got there.

Thanks also for the visit and hope to see you back.


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