Days after Kenya post elections, riot police block Uhuru Park. Photo by DEMOSH.
Kenya’s Crisis – A Synopsis
George B.N. Ayittey

1. Africa’s political elites never learn from their own foolish mistakes (Kenya’s own 1992 political violence), nor those of other African countries. The crisis in Kenya is an exact replica of what happened in Cote d’Ivoire in 2000, following a disputed election.

The country is now divided between the Muslim north and the Christian south. Remember that Cote d’Ivoire used to be the most stable country in West Africa.

2. Last December, I urged Kenyans to vote out ossified politicians like Odinga and Kibaki and bring in fresh new faces.

3. Much of the blame for these unnecessary deaths and destruction should be reserved for Odinga and the opposition. I am not an admirer of Kibaki, so forget about him. We all know that EVERY incumbent African president will do everything possible to RIG an election and MANIPULATE the results to return himself to power. We know this; it is a FACT.

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