Thursday, January 28, 2010

Transcript: Obama’s State of the Union Address

Transcript: Obama’s State of the Union Address


Following is the transcript of President Obama's State of the Union address, delivered Jan. 27, 2010, as released by the White House:

Madam Speaker, Vice President Biden, members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans:

Our Constitution declares that from time to time, the President shall give to Congress information about the state of our union. For 220 years, our leaders have fulfilled this duty. They've done so during periods of prosperity and tranquility. And they've done so in the midst of war and depression; at moments of great strife and great struggle.

It's tempting to look back on these moments and assume that our progress was inevitable -– that America was always destined to succeed. But when the Union was turned back at Bull Run, and the Allies first landed at Omaha Beach, victory was very much in doubt. When the market crashed on Black Tuesday, and civil rights marchers were beaten on Bloody Sunday, the future was anything but certain. These were the times that tested the courage of our convictions, and the strength of our union. And despite all our divisions and disagreements, our hesitations and our fears, America prevailed because we chose to move forward as one nation, as one people. READ MORE |


Monday, January 25, 2010

Ethiopian airliner crashes off Lebanon; 90 on board

An Ethiopian airliner with 90 people aboard crashed into the Mediterranean Sea minutes after takeoff from Lebanon early Monday, authorities said.READ MORE


Friday, January 22, 2010

Al-Shabab threatens to attack Kenya

The leader of al-Shabab fighters in Somalia has threatened to attack Kenya following a crackdown on Somali nationals in Nairobi.

In a recording posted on the internet on Thursday, Ahmed Abdi Godane, also known as Sheik Mukhtar Abdirahman Abu Zubeyr, threatened the Kenyan government that the fighters will enter Kenya...READ MORE


Friday, January 15, 2010

WTF! Rusian ‘diplomat’ swindles multiple Kenyan banks

A man who identified himself as a ‘Russian diplomat’ was arrested in Nairobi while withdrawing cash at an ATM machine in Nairobi -- using stolen/fake credit cards...READ MORE



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