Saturday, July 02, 2011

3 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

It's a good idea to use SEO so that the search engines rank your site. If you aren't very experienced with SEO, it's easy to make some of the mistakes we'll be discussing here.

When you create your site's content, don't make the mistake of overusing certain keywords. When you write your content, don't allow the keyword density to go above 5%. The search engines don't like to see keywords repeated too often and when they see this, it could make them see your site as low quality and your rank will suffer. You should also keep your keywords related to the main theme of your site. The way to word your content in keeping with the search engine's LSI (Lateral Semantic Indexing) formula is to alternate the words you use, substituting with synonyms when you can. Whatever you do, avoid stuffing your content with your keywords, as this is an SEO mistake that will be noticed by the search engines. You always have to pay attention to how you use your keywords. Your content and keywords should always be relevant and high quality. Finally, don't forget about the main keyword you are targeting, and this should always be highly relevant. This is how you achieve high rankings that you will be able to hold onto. Become aware of this excellent portion wear a set of mykita and study meticulously. There are many times when you think you're doing right in SEO, but in actuality you're doing the wrong. This usually happens when you don't understand or follow the guidelines set by the search engines. There are certain rules that you need to follow in order to get high rankings, and ignoring them could prove to be costly for you. Most of the unethical SEO practices involve going against these norms, which isn't the right way. Your aim should be to work within the framework laid by the search engines and build a relationship with them, rather than going against them, because you obviously can't win with them. There is absolutely nothing wrong in cooking up new SEO strategies but that shouldn't come at the risk of your website and its reputation.

Your site's speed really is important when it comes to your ranking because the search engines take it into consideration. Besides that, a slow site is not really appealing to the visitors either. When your page is loaded with unnecessary code, you'll see that it starts and loads slow, which isn't appreciated by the major search engines like Google.

This is why it's a good idea to avoid having an internal CSS file and instead go for an external CSS file. This helps your page load quickly since it becomes light and swift. Search engines are all about speed and relevancy, so you'll have to agree with them and understand the importance of your site's speed. So always try to create a user friendly site that impresses them, not depresses them.

All in all, search engine optimization is not rocket science, but only if you know the basics.



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