Thursday, July 28, 2011

Raise Blog Traffic With Twitter

Twitter can be a great solution for those bloggers who want to get frequent targeted exposure to their blog. So, how do you do this? The following article will explain how.

Tweet it Again: Even though this does not apply every time, it may help if you did a re-tweet of your most recent tweet if you have problems coming up with new content. The reason why this needs to be done is because you want your followers to be fed with quality content consistently, without fail - even if you don't have anything new to offer. This post should be a favored type of post.

If one of your previous posts is popular and has received a good response, then tweeting about it again will prove to be more than helpful. This is because there might be new followers on your Twitter account that might not have seen it the first time. The point here is, the more quality content you keep providing to your followers, the more they will trust you and your advice. You Must be Original: In order to get noticed on a site as popular as Twitter, it's essential to brand yourself in some way. If there's nothing new or interesting about your content, your followers won't feel compelled to pay attention to it. Try to find compelling topics, so that when your followers see it, they'll be captivated enough to visit your blog and then retweet the message. The trick is to find out what will most captivate your followers so you can create your content based on this. You have to keep your readers engaged, both with your tweets and with the material you publish on your blog, so you don't lose them at any point along the way. This isn't just a matter of delivering great content once or twice, but on a regular basis. Bloggers who find a way to really brand themselves on Twitter can get quite a bit of traffic from it.

You Don't Have Much Space: Keep in mind that you're extremely limited in terms of the characters you can use with Twitter, so make every word count. In the limited amount of space you have, it's necessary to give people a good preview of what your topic is going to be. The more clear and on topic you are with your tweets, the more your followers will be motivated to click through to your blog. There you are! Some easy to use tips that you can use right now to get Twitter to help you raise your blog's traffic.

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